This site is dedicated to the environment and it’s inhabitants. At the core is one simple notion, that if we as humans take care of the planet there will be the possibility of our continued existence and the high hope for good health, happiness, opportunity, and prosperity.   If we do not, no one can say what will happen for sure, except that it will not be pretty and that future generations, if they survive at all, will curse those that came before them.

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The Silvertip

A Silvertip is a grizzly bear in Montana vernacular. I learned that on one of my backpacking excursions. The name comes from their silvery, grizzled appearance. Silvertips are a bit endangered. Humans are encroaching on their habitat and they need a lot of territory to survive. Come to think of it, so do humans. It makes me wonder why so many humans allow themselves to be crammed into high-rises in the middle of concrete jungles. The Silvertip is also very, very strong and yet powerless against loss of habitat. Humans have developed wilderness areas and conservation practices that are allowing a come-back. Yet the Silvertip is far from free, and is not in control of his/her destiny. I imagine the Silvertip watching us, watching what we do, seeing how careless we are with the planet that we both depend upon. And I wonder – what would the Silvertip say to us if he/she had a voice and a seat at the table? I imagine a wise Silvertip – a Silvertip with a view from afar and a wisdom that comes only from having lived the hard life, from facing extinction and making a comeback. This Silvertip might understand multiple sides of an issue. It is to that kind of wisdom that this web site is dedicated: first to seek the truth about our condition, then to re-examine old ideas in light of the new information. It is probably not true, certainly not to me, that fear itself is what we must fear most. The greatest fear, in my opinion, is that we have the knowledge and ability to solve our most pressing problems, yet are so caught up in old outdated paradigms that we, collectively, do not see the way forward.

On this site you will find original work (opinions and articles), referrals to other sites with good and often better information, and reviews of other opinions and works.

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Silvertip Musings was started in Colorado by Michael D. Haughey in March, 2009 to take a fresh look at issues of the day. Our goal is to help clarify, with guidance from the Silvertip, a new way forward.

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