This web site is devoted to political and environmental commentary and bringing fresh insight to these areas with the goal of understanding and improving the lot of all sentient beings on Planet Earth.

Political issues are complicated today. The importance of sharing ideas and really thinking things through has never been higher. This web site attempts to look at issues in a longer view and to help with that discussion. Please share your ideas as well.

The political process has been influenced and co-opted by special interests probably since the beginning of human interaction. Those forces today are very powerful. We, the people, must exert greater influence. There are many ways, small and large, for us to act. One voice alone will sometimes have great influence, yet more often, it takes an orchestra of all of us playing the same tune. We can send e-mails and interact with political representatives on their web sites, however their computers can categorize the responses electronically to make the results look different than what we actually said. You are probably familiar with how that is done by the wording of questions on opinion polls. Similarly we can, and should, make phone calls and write letters and probably most importantly, make personal visits to their offices. We want the representatives to see personally the passion in our eyes and to know that we are watching what they do and that we vote.

While we are giving our opinion of what is wrong and what needs to be fixed and why and how, we must also give thanks and praise when it is due. The corporate and other influences on politicians are great, and when a politician goes against that, he/she is taking great risk with their career. Our influence, however, does not stop there. What we buy and what we don’t buy and where we do and don’t make the purchase also has impact. In the short term we may be lulled into believing that present low cost is the most important factor in buying decisions. It isn’t. Look at the long-term impact. Consider the long-term effect on society as a whole as well as the impact on future generations. Just as a squirrel may only see the nuts in a trap, in the long term the poison will have become far more important. It would have been better to have foraged for its own food rather than take the easy way.

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