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  1. Rierin says:

    You really have my recepst? for uploading and releasing this footage. But why is the second impact missing? Did you have to remove it? Was it only possible to upload this video without the impact?Also, here you can see clearly how huge those buildings were and how insignificant the damage was that the planes made. The silhouette of the plane is cartoonish and ridiculousely bad (aluminium wing tips cut into steel). Look at it with an forensic eye. The fragments are bended outwards too. Cheers

  2. Dewa says:

    Thank you for releasing!Weird that an amutaer clip has way much better quality than the terrible shots from TV teams with their professional equipment THAT’s how Manhattan looked on this morning. Clear and with a wide sight. If you remember the TV stations’ footage you couldn’t see anything behind the towers (to put them in the center, to focus) Furthermore the clips where ridiclousely colored by chroma filters etc. to make it easier to animate planes, jumpers, choppers. /watch?v=aWl8mUSDIwU?

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