Greens v. Democrats

By Michael Haughey, April 23, 2009

Yes, the Greens are weak – and that is an understatement, but not necessarily an insult. They’ll get stronger, and when they are as strong as the Dems they will also fall to the money and it will be time for another party to step up. It is the system that must be fixed – get money out of politics, enforce the Sherman Anti-trust act, return to the successful progressive tax, and let corporations serve the community again, not the other way around. The Dems don’t have a bad platform, however they continue to ignore it in favor of the money interests. The Dems showed their true colors when they refused to fight for open debates in the 2008 election. Not only would they not allow Greens and others (they were complicent if not worse), but even Kucinich and eventually Edwards were booted. No question Obama is light years better than the previous White House occupant, but that is no standard – Bush’s was the worst administration ever perhaps in the history of the world (when measured by the cumulative world-wide damage). And that is simply not good enough. Unless the “system” is fixed and the weeds pulled, it will revert to where it was when the next nut takes office. Pandering to the folks who made the messes and gamed the system rather than the people who elected him makes it clear the money is still in charge.

I could go on, but I thought I’d just stir the hornets nest a little.


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